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Why I am Late for Work – Excuse # 76 September 30, 2012

It was already “one of those” mornings.  I was running behind schedule and nothing seemed to be going right.  I still needed to pack lunches, feed the kids breakfast, get them both ready, and I hoped to have time to fix my hair and put make-up on for the day…

Kendra ran into my room with a terrible look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I don’t want to tell you because I’m afraid you’ll be mad,” she answered with a trembling bottom lip.

“No, I won’t,” I said, even though I knew there was a distinct possibility that whatever she was going to say could very easily make me mad.  I started running through possible scenarios in my head.

“My hamster DIED!” she wailed and immediately started bawling.  “I.  went.  in.  to.  feed.  her.  and,” she explained in between dramatic sobs, “she was DEAD!”

RIP little guy

“Oh, honey, I’m so sorry.”  I pulled her into my arms and tried to comfort her as she cried.

Then, Max walked in.  He looked at his crying sister then at me then back at her.  He shrugged his shoulders and said, “You should have been more responsible.”  I glared at him as fresh howls came out of Kendra.

“Maxwell Trenton!  Get out of here!” I yelled.

“It’s all my fault,” Kendra kept crying.


I tried to comfort her and still get things done since we did have school and work to try to get to on time.  I sent her to brush her teeth.

I rushed around the house like a wild woman, throwing lunches together and banging things around.  I could hear Max singing in the back of the house, but it didn’t register exactly what song he had chosen for the morning.

Then, when I heard Kendra start yelling, I realized what that little rascal was singing at the top of his lungs.  That’s right.  None other than “Another One Bites the Dust.”

How fitting.

If that’s not a reason to be late for work, I don’t know what is.

it was fun for a while…


Tooth Fairy Transactions (there will be a $35 fee for returned checks) April 24, 2012

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Kendra’s stall tactics at bedtime vary, and she has many ideas in her stalling-sleep arsenal that she implements when she’s just not feeling like turning in for the night.  Last night was a new one.

I was sitting on the couch after tucking the kids in bed, finally relaxing after a long day.  She came out of her bedroom…”Mommy, my tooth is really loose.  I think it’s ready to come out.”

I sighed and agreed to check it.  It was not ready.  I repeat: not ready.  I told her to keep wiggling it for a few days and it would come out when it was ready.

About twenty minutes later, I was nestled into my spot on the couch, comfortably enthralled in whatever mind-numbing program I was half-watching.  Out she came again.

“Look, Mommy!”  She was holding her tooth and bleeding from the new vacancy in her mouth.

Before I could answer her, Ronnie congratulated her on pulling her own tooth (thirty minutes after bedtime – I saw right through this little plan).  He took the tooth and she went to the kitchen to rinse her mouth and have a drink of water (slowly, of course).

They talked for a while about how she got the tooth out, as Ronnie was very impressed by the fact that she did it herself.

Finally, after more and more minutes being added to the past-bedtime clock, I piped up and demanded she go back to bed.

“Mommy,” she said so sweetly, “can I put my tooth under my pillow for the Tooth Fairy?”

Crap, that tooth wasn’t supposed to come out for days.  I didn’t have any cash to put under her pillow.   Pitiful, I know.  Not even a measly dollar.

“No,” I answered.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Because the Tooth Fairy didn’t plan on your losing a tooth tonight, and the Tooth Fairy is broke.”

She grinned.  “Will the Tooth Fairy have money tomorrow night?”

I promised.

And, you know what?  Now it is tomorrow night, and I forgot.  That tooth is in a jewelry box under her pillow just waiting to be snatched away and replaced with cash, and once again, I have none.

Do you think the Tooth Fairy could write a check?  How much is a tooth going for these days anyway?