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First Annual Mad Mountain Mud Run June 4, 2012

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This is probably the most fun we’ve had in a long time!  I was on a team with three close friends of mine, and Ronnie had a team with three of his buddies.  We had a perfect day for being outside running through mud.  What a great time!

The biggest surprise was that each team had to carry a log with them throughout the race.  We took turns lugging that stupid log around – it got heavy fast!

sliding down a muddy hill avoiding the barbed wire

nearing the finish line with Kendra running along on the sidelines

girls team crossing the logs

we did it!

We laughed a lot.  Some of us cussed a lot.  We ran.  We walked.  We climbed, crawled, waded, swam, jumped, slid, and rolled our way to the finish line.  The volunteers manning each obstacle were very encouraging.

We’ve all decided to run next year.  But this time, I think we’ll train a little beforehand.

What a great time with great friends!

the guys rolling under some logs


Girl Time Mornings April 4, 2012

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It’s Wednesday!  This is my favorite day of the work week.  Today is my special “girl time” with Kendra before school.

We’ve been doing this since she started school.  It couldn’t happen without my mother-in-law so sweetly inviting Max to spend every Tuesday night at her house.  That’s Max’s special time with his Grandmom and Grandad.  That leaves just Kendra and me on Wednesday mornings.

It’s nothing extravagant.  We usually just go to Starbucks and she eats a donut or a blueberry muffin and sips on chocolate milk or a raspberry latte if she’s feeling really grown up.  It’s the time together that is so special.

We talk about whatever is on her mind – her day at school, her friends, her dreams (I’m not being corny here – I mean her literal dreams – I think the last one was a nightmare about getting in trouble at school), her worries, or the things that aggravate her.  We have talked about why people speak different languages, why some people are mean to others, and why she should try new foods in the cafeteria.

I cherish this time with my little girl.  She is an amazing person.  I truly wish I were more like her.

I’d better go!  It’s time for me to go wake her up so we’re not late for school.  We are going to Starbucks on the way, after all.

It’s Wednesday!