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Dance like nobody’s watching May 21, 2012

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We went to our first Asheville Tourists baseball game Friday night with some friends.  It’s something that we’ve always thought about doing but never got around to, but since someone invited us, we finally went.  The kids absolutely loved it (so did I).

Asheville Tourists

Asheville Tourists (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the game, we got to go out onto the ball field to sit and watch fireworks.  Other than the fact that we now know that Max is terrified of fireworks, it was really fun.

Fireworks #1

Fireworks #1 (Photo credit: Camera Slayer)

When the fireworks ended, a large crowd of people began moving towards the exits to the beat of very loud ballpark music.  I can’t explain what happened to the kids.  They just really felt that music.

Next thing we knew, the kids were in the zone, dancing, not caring who was watching.  It looked almost involuntary, like it was coming from inside themselves and they couldn’t stop if they wanted to.

Kendra has taken dance lessons for five years.  Add to that her passion for watching the Disney channel, and she’s quite the little hip hop dancer.  Max, on the other hand, has pretty much one basic dance with a few variations on the basic moves – it’s called the gorilla dance.  It’s very hard to explain, other than just imagine what a baby gorilla would look like dancing.  That’s Max.

Anyway, the crowd of people trying to get to the exits had a hard time maneuvering around our dancing children, and before we knew it, it was like a scene from a sitcom prom where people stand in a circle watching the best dancers do their thing.  It was kind of embarrassing.  People were laughing.  I can see why.  The kids were so intent on what they were doing that they were oblivious to the audience.

They just wouldn’t stop.

We finally reined Kendra in, but Max was too far gone.  Ronnie got him off the field, but he gorilla danced all the way to the car, which was parked about half a mile from McCormick Field.  They walked in front of us girls.  Well, Ronnie walked.  Max held Ronnie’s hand and the other arm flailed around, his head bobbed, and his feet shuffled all the way to the car.

What got into them?  I’ll never know.  But I would love to have just a tiny bit of that inhibition in myself.  That’s why when people looked at us and laughed, I just shrugged and let them keep dancing.  We should all probably dance a little more in life.

McCormick Field, Asheville, NC

McCormick Field, Asheville, NC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)