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Maxilangelo Holbert, the next great name in art July 17, 2012

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Everyone thinks her kid is the best – the smartest, the cutest, the most talented, etc.  Well, obviously, everyone’s kid is not the best – that’s not even logical.  Most kids are average (hence the word average), and there’s nothing wrong with that.  If everyone were exceptional, exceptional would become average, and that would throw everything out of whack.  So, most children are average, despite what their parents may believe, and a select few are exceptional.

Of course, my son is one of those exceptional few, as I will demonstrate by sharing his most recent artistic masterpiece.  Before I unveil the evidence of his artistic genius, however, I would like to elaborate on exactly how this particular work highlights a level of achievement far beyond his years.

Most artists take years to perfect replicating the human form.  And even then, it takes a mature artistic soul to take on a nude image.  My five-year-old prodigy not only doesn’t hesitate to tackle challenging subjects, but he also captures this subject matter with startling mastery.  He is clearly an exceptional artist.

Please ponder on the following image, and while considering the beauty of the work, remember it was produced by a mere five-year-old boy:

English: Michelangelo's David (original statue...

English: Michelangelo’s David (original statue) Deutsch: David von Michelangelo (Original aus der “Accademia” in Florenz) Nederlands: David van Michelangelo (het originele beeld) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oops!  Wrong one.  Here’s Maxwell’s equally impressive rendering of the male body:

Max handed this to us last night and said, “Here’s a random picture of me without underwear.” Very strange kid.

See?  I told you he was an exceptional child.  Don’t you wish your kid had art skills like that?


Easter Shoe Hunt April 8, 2012

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Our Easter tradition is attending the sunrise service at Chimney Rock Park, followed by a hike on one of the trails.  We get up at 3:30, pack some snacks and blankets, and hit the road.  The kids love getting up while it is still dark and everyone else is sleeping.  We love the idea of spending Easter on top of a mountain and watching the sunrise while reflecting on the Resurrection.  It’s hard not to be in awe of God when witnessing the sun come up over the mountains.  Everything seems surreal and leaves no room for doubt of a Creator.

After the service, we always hike.  There’s a trail at the park that is very kid-friendly.  It’s a learning about nature trail with stations along the path that teach about animals that inhabit the woods through which we stomp.  Our kids love it.

They always race to the next station, and Max tries his best to keep up with his older (and faster) sister.  We just stroll behind and let them run and wonder how in the world they have so much energy when we’ve been up since 3:30 in the morning.

When Ronnie and I were hiking, we came upon this:

Yes, that is Maxwell’s shoe left behind on the middle of the trail.  We picked it up and kept walking, only to find Max and Kendra at the next station and Max missing both shoes.  When we asked where the other shoe went, he pointed off the trail, down the bank…

See it way down there?  We asked him how it happened, and he vehemently exclaimed that he did not know – they just fell off!  We sat him down and told him to put his shoes back on for the remainder of the hike.

It’s always an adventure taking Max anywhere.

After getting up that early, attending the service, watching the sunrise, hiking the trail, eating breakfast at a local restaurant, and shopping at a local artist’s store, we all went home and went to bed.  We had a full day by 10:00 this morning!  Happy Easter!