A glimpse into our family – the good, the bad, and, of course, the funny

Meet Kendra June 1, 2014

Kendra at Toe River

Kendra is an awesome kid.  She is unusually creative and can find good in anything.  I think that’s a gift from God.  She doesn’t have to try to find the positive – she naturally just sees it, even when no one else can.  She is tender-hearted and kind and sensitive, yet outgoing, friendly, and silly at the same time.  I can count on her to understand how I feel even when it may not be rational.  We always say our hearts are connected because we just know each other.  She loves crafting, camping, climbing trees, and playing her guitar.  She loves listening to country music – really all kinds of music.  She’s the girliest tomboy you’ll ever meet.  She can really do it all.  Except beat this one boy at running – she’s only the second-fastest kid fourth grade.

You can read about her here:




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