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Six words never to say at school September 19, 2012

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Max is figuring this kindergarten thing out.  Last night, when Ronnie tucked him in, Max told him a few things:

“There’s six things you can’t say at school.  You can’t say poop at school.”  He raised a finger. “You can’t say bomb at school.”  Another finger.  “You can’t say guns at school.  You can’t say foopy-bo-poopy at school.”  Still counting on his fingers.  “You can’t say fart at school.  And you can’t say weirdo at school.”

This is very serious.  How will he manage not to say “foopy-bo-poopy” for an entire school year?

He also told Ronnie, “I cried on the outside at school today.  Most of the time I just cry on the inside, but today I cried on the outside.  My leg hurt and it was bleeding so my teacher gave me a Band-Aid.”

Did it really happen?  We’ll never know.  But, he has mentioned several times that he’s struggling not to cry at school.

The other day he told my mom that he cries on the inside all day at school because he misses me.

Last night, he told me he needs to go to the doctor because something is wrong with his eyes.  Of course, I thought he could be having vision problems, so I asked him what was wrong with his eyes.

“They keep wanting to burst into tears,” he answered.

He’s melting my heart.  We’re encouraging him and making school sound exciting and fun.  He’s doing great in school – he has been a good boy, he’s making new friends, and he loves his teachers.  He’s still just struggling with doing it all on his own.

For being such a tough little guy, he sure has a sweet, tender heart.


10 Responses to “Six words never to say at school”

  1. sherbear64 Says:

    This makes me want to cry on the inside and outside!!!! Hang in there Max, you’re getting it! Grams loves you! 🙂

  2. Poor little guy!! He’ll make it though. My little girl is in 3rd grade now, but one of my favorite things to see at her school are all the chubby faced, wide-eyed little kindergarteners at the beginning of the year turn into confident school children over the course of the year.

    • mandyholbert Says:

      He’s having a much harder time of it than his older sister did. I know he’ll be fine, but it’s sure hard to watch him having so much anxiety right now. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Sandy Hankins Says:

    aww!!! i love hearing about this side of max too! such a cute story…

  4. Teresa Cleveland Wendel Says:

    Oh this tough and tender little guy just breaks my heart. He’s so like my little bro Markie.

  5. mitman64 Says:

    He’ll get used to it soon.

  6. MaryAnn Says:

    Oh Mandy…. Poor lil fella…. It will get better … He’s very creative like you…. Give him a creative outlet for expression of these feelings…. Painting or maybe cutting pix out of magazines allowing him to make a weekly “Max Collage”…. Maybe he can find pictures in mags to help him with those feelings. Just thought. Hang in there mom…. The battles are just beginning. Hugs !

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