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What if we just focus on one day at a time… August 29, 2012

Does Max have a little anxiety surrounding this transition from spending his days with Grammy or Grandmom to being in school all day every day?  I think so.  His newest antic is to ask me “what if” questions like these:

What if I say a bad word at school?

What if I’m on a field trip on the bus and I have to go to the bathroom?

I pick my nose sometimes at school.  What if my teacher sees me?

Can I pee behind a tree at the playground?  What if no one can see me?

What if I accidentally act naughty?

What if I don’t sing the songs with the class?

What if I fall asleep during nap time?

What if I don’t see your car when you come pick me up?

What if I have lots of homework?

What if I forget where to go?

What if someone is mean to me?

What if I get in trouble?

What if my teacher makes me work too hard?

Oh, that reminds me.  The biggest problem he has with kindergarten right now is that his teacher makes him work too hard.

I reminded him that he likes hard work.  He works outside with us all the time.

“But that’s sweatin’ hot work.  That’s the kind I like.  My teacher makes me do writing work.  That’s boring.  I want the sweatin’ kind.”

This is going to be an interesting school year!


5 Responses to “What if we just focus on one day at a time…”

  1. mitman64 Says:

    He’s being honest enough to ask the questions every kid has swirling around their 5yr old head. He’ll be fine. 🙂

  2. sherbear64 Says:

    What ifs are important! It means he wants and needs to talk to you! He’s going to have a great year!

  3. “Can I pee behind a tree?” That’s terrific. Boys have it so easy sometimes. I remember many a road trip as a kid where I wished I could just stand on the side of the road instead of squat behind a bush.

  4. Caddo Veil Says:

    I love this! His questions are so great–I would have a really hard time keeping a straight face, acting like I was taking him seriously, if I were the mom. Must be very entertaining at your house!

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