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At least lightning doesn’t strike twice…Right? July 31, 2012

It all started with a lightning strike…

Our dogs are contained by an invisible fence.  When the lightning struck, it fried the fence, so obviously, it didn’t work any more.

This meant the dogs could now get to the garden that contains the rabbit hutch, and the dogs seized the opportunity.  I barely saved the rabbits from becoming a snack, and I moved them temporarily to the garage until we could repair the fence.

The fence is finally repaired.  The dogs are back where they belong.  The rabbits are back where they belong (and are enjoying weeding the garden for me again).

However, in the meantime, one of the chickens crossed from the back yard where they are safe to the front yard where they are closely observed by very interested dogs and then to the driveway where they are in the territory of dogs who have felt unnecessarily teased by the presence of chickens just out of their reach.

A dog ate the chicken.

We learned that hamsters are nocturnal.  Ours enjoys running in its ball all night long.  Not that it keeps me awake or anything.

Meanwhile, the goats got sick.  Very sick.  They had awful diarrhea and we had to sanitize everything and nurse them back to health.  “Poop” is not a strong enough word to describe what I scrubbed from their bottoms.  I straddled them backwards while Ronnie held their heads and comforted them while I cleaned caked-on sh*t from their behinds, legs, and tummies.  It. was. disgusting.

They’re better now.

But, Sparkles, our cat, is missing.  We haven’t seen her in several days.  Kendra is out looking for her right now.

So, currently, we have two dogs, six five chickens, two rabbits (thank goodness!), two goats (that was a close one, too), four toads, a tree frog, a hamster, and a missing cat.

Why do we have animals again?



7 Responses to “At least lightning doesn’t strike twice…Right?”

  1. I’ll answer your question: You have animals in order to remind us of why WE don’t have animals! 😉

    P.S. goat stuff–wow! yuck.

    • mandyholbert Says:

      Haha! That’s kind of true, I guess!

      • Works for me, anyway. Well, no, actually. I think, despite its graphically stated downfalls, yours is the life! It’s kind of like having kids. There are definitely the bad times, like vomiting from multiple children at 2 a.m., and 3 a.m., and 4 a.m., but most of the time, life is grand!

  2. mitman64 Says:

    Mandy, you’ve always loved animals. Don’t you remember where it all started!? Maybe you should about that. Hmmm, “that puppy dog needs a mommy. That puppy dog needs me!”, says the two year old Mandy as she stood looking in the pet store window in Weisbaden. Of course I had to borrow the money to buy the dog for you. Yep, you were born an animal lover – accept it, embrace it, and love each and every critter you have. 😉

  3. sherbear64 Says:

    Maybe you should get a pig. At least if anything happens to it, we all can have dinner!!!!!! 😉

  4. Yikes! It sounds exciting at your house! 🙂

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