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How does your garden grow? June 11, 2012

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I haven’t done an update on the garden lately, so here’s a few photos I took today:

a bloom on a strawberry plant

a strawberry

the first cherry tomatoes of the season

the grapes are getting bigger

the blueberries are almost ready!

Darth enjoying some pesky kudzu

the laurels are blooming for the first time in years

day lilies

hydrangea bloom

the chickens are getting much bigger

this is a transplant from my mother-in-law’s yard – not sure what it is, but I love it


9 Responses to “How does your garden grow?”

  1. betsyk1 Says:

    Darth! Such a great name. Looking good. Thanks for sharing!

  2. lorajbanks Says:

    Nice job. If you’re bored one day, come by and do my garden!

  3. sherbear64 Says:

    Everything looks great!

  4. Watch out for those yellow transplants of yours. If they are the same as the ones I have in my yard, you won’t need to plant anything else as they spread like crazy!

  5. Clara Says:

    Looking good!!!!!!!!

  6. I love flowers! Great photos. 😀

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