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Happy Father’s Day: Here’s 205 Worms June 11, 2012

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My dad was going to buy worms for his tomato planter box.  I told him that was ridiculous – we have all the worms he could ever need.  So, Saturday, Ronnie, Kendra, Max, and I grabbed a bucket and hunted for worms for Grampy.

Ronnie, it turns out, is an expert worm finder.  He showed us where the best spots were to find them.  Kendra and I helped point them out, and Ronnie and Max picked them up and put them in the bucket.  We worked for I would guess at least an hour filling that bucket with squiggly slimy worms.

When we finished, I suggested that we all guess how many we had and then count them to see who was closest.  (I know I’m blessed to have such a patient husband.)  Kendra grabbed a piece of paper to record our guesses.

In case you can’t decipher that, Kendra guessed 205, Amanda (she used “A” for Amanda instead of “M” for Mandy so it wouldn’t be confused with Max) 212, Max guessed 15,023, and Ronnie guessed 189.  Please look closely and note the erasure marks on Kendra’s guess.  Please also note that Max has not started kindergarten yet, so clearly he can not be expected to understand the concept of estimation.  He just knew there were a LOT of worms.

When we got to about 100 worms counted, Kendra slyly erased her guess and changed it to 205.  I’m not really sure what her original guess was…

But there were exactly 205 worms!

What a great Father’s Day present for Grampy!  205 worms!  That ought to do the trick for his tomatoes.

I did also get him a new tool he saw on television and said he wanted, but that’s not nearly as interesting as a bucket full of worms.  Don’t you agree?



7 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day: Here’s 205 Worms”

  1. betsyk1 Says:

    When you think about fun family activities, that’s not a typical one that comes to mind, but it’s a great one for sure! What bonding! And what a little stinker Kira is. I think you should make her eat one, and then she would no longer have the exactly correct number! Haha. Just kidding.

  2. mitman64 Says:

    I really do like the cool new tool kit. But, the worms are the BEST 🙂 thanks

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel Says:

    He’ll NEVER forget that gift.

  4. What Grandfather wouldn’t like that gift?! The best thing was that your husband had the gift of family while you were hunting for them.

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  6. Kerina Says:

    Agreed! A gift filled with loads of love.

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