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Shopping with Max May 7, 2012

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Since we decided to add goats to our family mini-farm, we needed to go to Tractor Supply and Lowe’s to purchase a few supplies.  We’re picking up the goats next weekend, so the most important thing is to have a place to put them.

A day of shopping at these particular stores is not high on the kids’ list of fun things to do, so we usually try to make it at least a little bit fun for them.  At Tractor Supply, we let them each pick out one thing to buy.  Kendra picked a book about training and caring for pet rabbits.  A very sensible choice.

Max searched the store high and low.  He wanted a finch feeder for his stuffed animals.  I said no (that just didn’t make sense).  He wanted a hard hat.  I said no (it was too big for him).  He wanted a die-cast car.  I said no (it was outside of the price range).  Finally, he found a vibrating ball that we both agreed on, so we bought it.

At Lowe’s, we ran into some friends of ours so we stopped to talk for a while.  We were pretty close to the restrooms, so when the kids asked if they could go, we let them as long as they promised to stay together.

Several minutes later, a rather guilty looking Max came running back to us.

“Where is your sister?” I demanded.  “I told you two to stay together!”

We went to look for Kendra, and when she emerged from the restroom, she was indignant.

“What happened?” I asked as Max buried his head in my leg and wailed, “I’m sorry!”

Kendra was hot.  Max started fake crying.

“When I was using the bathroom, Max went in all the stalls and locked them and then crawled out.  I was telling him not to!  But he wouldn’t listen!  Then he left and I had to crawl under all the doors so I could unlock them!!”

We looked at Max.

“Why did you do that?”

He shrugged.

We thanked Kendra for undoing his naughtiness.  Then we went to the garden center to finish our shopping.


16 Responses to “Shopping with Max”

  1. sherbear64 Says:

    You gotta wonder what was going thru his head to give him an idea like that! Thank goodness for big sisters!

  2. grand-player Says:

    Who buys goats?……..locking the bathroom doors is an old trick – That Max

  3. irishsignora Says:

    Oh, man . . . I can see my oldest boy doing that! Thanks for the warning! –Kelly

  4. Teresa Cleveland Wendel Says:

    I used to do that when I was a kid. It gives me the willies to think of it now–all those germs!

  5. betsyk1 Says:

    Your mini farm is supremely cool to me! My parents and older siblings had one before I was born, including goats! So bummed that I missed out!

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