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our Saturday – in pictures April 1, 2012

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We decided to work in the garden Saturday.  It really needed a lot of work.

The garden is overgrown with weeds and onions.


After pulling all of those stinky weeds, we worked on getting the planting boxes ready for vegetables.


Since we were out in the garden, we let the bunnies hop around free.  They loved it.


They were very curious!

While the rabbits hopped around in the garden, we let the chicks hang out in the rabbit hutch.  They enjoyed a day in the sunshine.  They are growing so fast!

Max wasn’t satisfied with all the animals we already have.  He spent the day trying to capture new pets.  He found several frogs.

We now are the proud owners of three pet frogs.

Ronnie worked on grading so we can expand our fire pit area.

He worked on pushing dirt all day long.

The kids enjoyed riding in the digger with Daddy.  We spent the entire day working outside.  It was a fantastic day!  And boy were the kids dirty!


2 Responses to “our Saturday – in pictures”

  1. sherbear64 Says:

    Sounds like a good day to me!

  2. mitman64 Says:

    Sounds like a perfect day!

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