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Hello, my name is Mandy, and I’m a carb-oholic March 29, 2012

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It’s quite fashionable now to shun carbohydrates, so I thought I’d join the crowd and give up carbs for a week.  I guess I didn’t realize how addicted to them I really am.

Breakfast is okay.  I can eat an egg and some turkey bacon and not feel too deprived that I can’t put both (and a slice of cheese) on a warm and toasty English muffin.

Lunch is another story.  My usual lunch is a sandwich or a wrap.  Can’t do that.  I settled on a salad topped with delicious vegetables and fruits and proteins.  Pretty good.

Now, dinner…Macaroni and cheese sounds good.  Or maybe pizza.  A chicken sandwich.  Ooo…I know – a quesadilla.  Oatmeal.  Cereal.  Spaghetti.  Any pasta.  Anything bread-ish.  Something warm and comforting and yeasty.  Oh, dear.  This is not an easy.  I settled on (another) salad with chicken.

Wow, and I’m only on day two.

Hmmm…What’s the point of this again?


5 Responses to “Hello, my name is Mandy, and I’m a carb-oholic”

  1. sherbear64 Says:

    Even prisoners get to have bread and water! 😉

  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel Says:

    And this gal, for sure, could live on bread and water–and noodles.

  3. mitman64 Says:

    Maybe a few good carbs would be okay, wouldn’t they? Maybe some whole grain bread or steel cut oatmeal? I’d be happy to share what I have… 🙂

  4. Caddo Veil Says:

    Oh yeah! I know about this–although I’m not nearly so virtuous as to even try to give up carbs. I’m already having anxiety attacks about my Dr appt next week–the blood work which will show bad numbers, and my 6-year-old voice saying, “but I don’t eat a lot of sugar–it’s the bread, pasta, rice….” And then he’ll do “the face”–and I’ll use my well-educated voice: “I realize carbs convert to sugar in the body.” I just hope it won’t devolve into one of those chats where he sighs and says, “you’re the captain of your ship”. (Translation: “if you want to kill yourself slowly….”)

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