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Very Fa!-nny, Dad! March 6, 2012

Last weekend, my dad performed an exaggerated Heimlich on me while I was brushing my teeth.

Well, first I should say that staying in a hotel with my family is usually a very silly experience.  Ronnie, the kids, and I had a room adjoining my parents’, and the craziness didn’t stop.

I think it all started with Ronnie playing the air guitar.  Kendra grabbed the guitar (yes, I know that’s an impossibility), and he fell backwards, landed on his back, walked his feet on the wall, and did a strange, convoluted back flip, only to jump up and decide to teach the kids how to do a running front flip on to the bed.  It was a very nice addition to their usual hotel room game of “jumping bed to bed”.

I went to brush my teeth and left the door open.  I coughed in the process, and next thing I knew, my dad came running through the wall (as Max described our connecting door) yelling “Emergency!” and started such an exaggerated Heimlich that he was actually lifting me off the floor that I laughed so hard with my mouth full of toothpaste that I probably was indeed in danger of choking.

Then, I heard a knock at the door.  I went to answer it and no one was there.  I stepped out a little into the hallway just to make sure absolutely no one was there, and next thing I knew, my dad shoved me out of the hotel room to lock me out in the hall.

This kind of thing is very standard in our father/daughter relationship.  Let’s see, once in high school, one of his pranks nearly landed me in the emergency room when I couldn’t dislodge the green peanut M&M he shoved up my nose.  Last time we went out for pizza, I asked for the red pepper shaker and turned my head.  When I looked at my plate, the (much-handled, disgusting) pepper shaker was sitting squarely on top of my once-delicious slice of cheese pizza.  That’s just how it is.  My dad loves to make me laugh.

The funniest time I can remember, though, was a time we went grocery shopping amped up on a little too much espresso.  We were in the soap and shampoo aisle, and my dad told me to smell a new soft soap called Fa!.  He held the bottle, and I took an exaggerated inhale…

Right as he squeezed the bottle!  My sinuses filled with Fa!.  It was the most terrible burning sensation, but I couldn’t stop laughing.  There was absolutely nothing I could do about the pain other than trying to blow the soap out.  We were literally laughing so hard that we were wallowing on the Bi-Lo floor.

What kind of dad would do that to his daughter?


And I’m so glad that he does.  Well, honestly, I could do without chocolate or soap up my nose or being rescued while I’m brushing my teeth, but I’m so glad to have a dad who loves to make me laugh.  My dad is my friend.


5 Responses to “Very Fa!-nny, Dad!”

  1. sherbear64 Says:

    Your dad has 3 beautiful daughters that he poured his heart into! And he loves to hear them laugh!

  2. mitman64 Says:

    Thanks Mandy! I noticed you forgot to mention the time I accidentally stuck the end of knife through your fingernail as we were trying so hard to make the perfect replica of the Egyptian pyramid for you 5th grade project. Or, the funniest time ever, when we had just landed back in Asheville after our father-daughter trip to CA. I do believe you were laughing so hard you had to stop walking across the tarmac to prevent an even more embarrassing situation 😉 I sure am glad to be more than just your dad!

  3. MrsPeas Says:

    That’s funny! I love when those moments happen, even accidentially. The first time I brought my (now) husband home to meet my parents, my mom gave us the sugar bowl for our morning coffee and I thought it was odd it wasn’t in the usual container but whatever. Well it turned out to be salt! Hahaha.. My poor husband got his coffee first and was too polite to spit it out! hahaha…

    • mandyholbert Says:

      That’s funny! The first time my husband had dinner with my family, my dad served couscous for the first time ever. He did not doctor it at all. Just plain couscous. It was terrible. My husband was the only one who ate it because he, too, was being polite. Thanks for reading!

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