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When Caught by Surprise Leave Mouth Closed: A Rather Yucky Lesson in Parenting March 5, 2012

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I had barf in my mouth this weekend, and it wasn’t mine.

We went to my grandma’s house in South Carolina, and that is usually tons of fun for the kids because they get to play with their cousins.  It started out just like usual with them running around having a great time.

Then, Max came and got on my lap and said he was sleepy.  I played along and let him pretend to fall asleep on me.  I soon realized he was actually sleeping and not faking.

I noticed he was getting a little warm, and I was a little concerned anyway that he was sleeping when he could be playing.  I asked him a few times when he woke up to change positions if he felt okay.  He kept saying yes.

Next thing I knew, he sat up abruptly and starting vomiting, right in my grandma’s living room.  I was very startled (so was he) and in my state of surprise, I opened my mouth wide.  That’s how I got a mouth full of what he was spitting out of his mouth.

I tried so hard to catch most of the throw-up in my hands so it wouldn’t get on the furniture.  But I realized it wasn’t going to stop any time soon.  So, Max and I made a run for outside.  He erupted twice on the way and when we made it outside, he bent over and kept spitting.  I was right beside him spitting that stuff out of my mouth.

We were covered.  Literally from head to toe.  I felt so bad for him.  He was so embarrassed and he looked so puny.  I got those nasty clothes off of him and put him in a nice warm shower.

Thankfully, my mom, aunt, and grandma cleaned up the living room for me – I don’t think it was too bad anyway since I managed to catch a large portion of it in my bare hands and all over the front of my shirt and jeans.  I had had about all the vomit I could take for a day.

When we talked about it later, one of my uncles told me he would have vomited himself if any had gotten in his mouth.

Don’t get me wrong here – I do not have a steel stomach.  I don’t like blood, vomit, poop, or snot.  But, for some reason, when my own child is sick, it just doesn’t really faze me.

I shrugged my shoulders and told him, “If he had to taste it, I guess I can too.  Besides, it tasted kind of like apple juice.”

Very, very gross apple juice.

And for anyone who is wondering about little buddy, he’s on the mend.  He’s still fighting some kind of sickness as a lot of people seem to be right now, but at least the throwing up part is over.  And, so far, I’ve managed not to catch it.  Talk about a strong immune system!


2 Responses to “When Caught by Surprise Leave Mouth Closed: A Rather Yucky Lesson in Parenting”

  1. mitman64 Says:

    I seem to remember many years ago, when you were probably less than 2yrs old, I (against mom’s judgement) was tossing you above my head and catching you. Side note: that’s probably against the law in today’s nanny state. Anyway, you were totally enjoying our play as I would toss you and call your name. On what became my last toss, I had just let go of you and had my mouth open as you you erupted. Of course it got on my head and face. But, even worse, it got in my mouth. I’m not really sure anything can prepare someone for something like that. It’s just a strange coincidence Max, “got you a good one!”

  2. Caddo Veil Says:

    Bless both your big hearts!!

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