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This worksheet is the sh*t! March 1, 2012

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I’m not a fan of profanity, but I am one of those people who rate it.  In the hierarchy of cuss words, there are a few that are totally off-limits.  We don’t say them, so naturally, our kids don’t know them.

The other day when I picked Kendra up from dance, she got in the car and told me rather dramatically, “Mom!  So-and-so called So-and-so the f-word.  That is really bad!  And I don’t even know what the f-word is!”


“Yeah, that is really bad, Kendra.  She should not have said that.”

“I know!  It’s so bad!”

We continued our ride in silence for a few moments.  And then came the question I hadn’t really considered how I would handle yet: “Mommy…what is the f-word?”

This was one of those moments for which you can never really be prepared.  Do I tell my little seven-year-old what that awful word is?  I felt like I was setting the tone for how our relationship will be as she grows up.  Will she come to me with things?  Or will she hide things from me and get her information elsewhere?

Of course I told her.  But, I wanted to stress how bad the word really is, so I told her, “Kendra, that word is so bad that I’m not even going to say it.  The only reason anyone ever says that word is to be as ugly as possible.  There’s no excuse to ever say it.  Okay?”

She nodded, very intent on what I was saying.

I took a deep breath.  “Okay.  It rhymes with ‘duck’ but it starts with ‘f’.”

I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a puzzled look on her face.  When it didn’t go away, I realized my mistake.  “Kendra, take the ‘d’ off first, and use an ‘f’ instead.”  She got it that time.

I thought my cussing conversations would be over for a while.  Little did I know, Lesson 2 was right around the corner.

I went to pick Kendra up from my mom’s house after work, and my mom was just itching to show me Kendra’s schoolwork from the day.  She pulled out a picture of a hot-air balloon that was colored very nicely.  I read what was written in the handwriting of a sweet second-grader.

“Going up in a hot air balloon would be amasing.  Gosh, just like this work sh*t.”

Wow!  Talk about a misspelling!

I showed the paper to Ronnie later that evening so we could have a good laugh.  Kendra, rather indignantly, demanded to know what was so funny about her school assignment.  Ronnie asked her to read it to us.  Of course, she read the last word as “sheet,” which was what she intended to write.

I reviewed the correct spelling of “sheet” then we told her that what she actually wrote was a bad word.  Thus, cussing Lesson 2!

We explained the only reason it was so funny is that we know she would never ever say that word.

Oh dear!

How much profanity do we have left?  I sincerely hope Lesson 3 isn’t in the near future!


10 Responses to “This worksheet is the sh*t!”

  1. Erica Boyd Says:

    I have to say Ms. Greene and I really had a good laugh abou this! I promise we are working on spelling! 🙂 LOL

  2. Lol. My kids are 11-20, and my 16 year old just entered public school this year for the first time, so as you can imagine, we’ve had our share of those talks!:) I’m pretty laid back about it within our house. I don’t freak out if my 16 year old gets overly frustrated and I hear a sh*t slip out… as long as it is never directed at anyone else in the family.

    My kids have watched movies for quite a while with profanity in them, and they were always told that as long as they were mature enough to know not to repeat the cussing/behavior, then they could watch the movie with us. Other than that, it doesn’t come up often, but my PS son says, “Wow, I didn’t realize that cussing WAS the predominant language of high schoolers!”

    • mandyholbert Says:

      We try to be open with our kids, too. We want to maintain their innocence without raising kids who are unnecessarily naive. It’s a tough balancing act sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. mandyholbert Says:

    Reblogged this on mandyholbert and commented:

    In honor of back to school, here’s one of my favorite moments from last school year.

  4. Thank you for telling us how you handled that. Now I’ll have some idea of what to do when it comes up with my kids. :{

  5. LOL. We had a similar scene. Liv was 7 at the time, too. She got in the car after school and told me that one of her classmates used the f-word. Something told me to ask her what the f-word is. Turns out it’s “freakin'”.

    • mandyholbert Says:

      Oh…that’s a much more acceptable f-word, but since I use “freakin'” occasionally, I had to tell her the truth. I wouldn’t have wanted her to think that her own mother used the f-word!

  6. MyTwiceBakedPotato Says:

    Your timing with this post is perfect! I postedon my blog about my 7 year old’s f bomb experience. Last thursday and Friday it was an emotional explosion!! The bad part is now he knows the impact this word has and we are sure to see more of it!

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